Dyson Fans and Heaters - Airmultiplier Technology

Dyson Fans and Heaters - Airmultiplier Technology

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[ Image Source : Dyson ]

Let’s take a closer look over a new technology of air cooling and heating developed by James Dyson’s engineers. It is called Air Multiplier technology and provides continuous air flow as there are no propellers or blades. Treated air rotates in a flat elongated tube resembling profile of the airplane wing in cross-section. At one end of the tube along the entire length has thin hole through which heated or cooled air moves, thereby creating an uninterrupted air flow.

[ Image Source : Dyson ]

Due to the lack of spinning blades, both device types are safe and minimize the risk of your children being hurt. This technology is based on brushless DC electric motors, for which the manufacturer claims to be energy-efficient and may lower by 20% your electricity expenses. These electric motors power a mixed flow impeller, which looks almost like the impellers used in automotive turbo-chargers. Nine asymmetrically aligned fins with rows of small holes take care of reducing the friction caused by different values of the air pressure.

The Dyson Company offers devices with few different sizes able to cool or heat smaller places or the whole room, according to what customer needs.

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