New Super Computer Champion - Cray Titan

New Super Computer Champion - Cray Titan

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His name is Cray Titan and he took the title for the world’s fastest supercomputer from the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Sequoia supercomputer, which previously held the top position.

[Image Source : Oak Ridge National Laboratory]

The latest Cray supercomputer named Titan is powered by a combination of CPUs and GPUs (GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit), which feature 18,688 nodes, as each node contains AMD 16-core Opteron and a NVIDIA Tesla K20X GPUAccelerator which is equal to 560,640processors in total.

All of these processors can generate 17.59 quadrillion operations/second, overwhelming the 16.32 quadrillion operations/second of the Sequoia supercomputer.

“It’s not practical or affordable to continue increasing supercomputing capacity with traditional CPU-only architecture,” said ORNL’s Jeff Nichols, in a press release. “Combining GPUs and CPUs is a responsible move toward lowering our carbon footprint, and Titan will enable scientific leadership by providing unprecedented computing power for research in energy, climate change, materials, and other disciplines.”

The Cray Titan supercomputer has been built to help for a nuclear energy research, and investigate ways to re-design the traditional combustion engines to make it more efficient. For more detailed information about the new Titan supercomputer on the nVidia page .

Watch the video: Top 10 Fastest Supercomputer In The World (July 2022).


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