Self-Charging Electric Skateboard

Self-Charging Electric Skateboard

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Boosted Boards surpassed their Kickstarter fundraising goal and created the latest generation electric vehicle – what they call the “lightest electric vehicle that has ever been made.” One of the major motivations behind the project is the fact that most of our travel happens within close distance, arround a few miles. Boosted Boards provides a low cost, eco-friendly method to get people to their destination.

[Image Source: Boosted Boards]

Shipping in September 2013 is Boosted’s 2000W motor-powered longboard. It has a top speed of 20mph while cruising around town and can climb succesfully inclines of up to 15%. The Lithium ion battery is fully charged for about 2 hours and you can pass through a distance of up to 6 miles. Or conserve power and push like a standard skateboard. There is regenerative braking system with built-in motor, which means that your energy and momentum will not be wasted but rather help recharge the battery. Boosted Boards provided and a wireless hand controls. The unit weighs more than an average longboard – between 12-15 pounds – but still very light weight you can pick it up with no worries. The price tag is $1,299, which looks slightly higher but it won’t be an obstacle for the one who really want it.

[Image Source: Boosted Boards]

Watch the video: You may need a backup charger for your electric skateboard (July 2022).


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