Spy the neighborhood with Spy Hawk

Spy the neighborhood with Spy Hawk

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When you read the name your mind would probably call the image of some military spy plane like RQ-4A. But relax, we talk about a toy.

This is a Spy Hawk RTF with First Person View (FPV) aircraft made by Hubsan. The Spy Hawk features a 5 mp camera that makes live color video and transmits it to a 3.5" LCD monitor on control pad. This version of the Spy Hawk also includes an Autopilot that will bring the aircraft back to you in case of losing control.

[Image Source: Fat Shark]

The Spy Hawk basic setup is a complete RTF airplane with camera installed. It also includes Hubsan's controller with video screen. Autopilot system is optional and you may prefer not to have it.

Propulsion of the hawk comes from a brushless electric motor. This park-flyer sized EPO aircraft is easy to fly and assemble and is supplied with 4-channel control. Just connect the wings to the body, glue on the tail, charge the batteries and you're ready to spy from a bird eye.

TX digital station display can be programmed for two types of management: beginner and expert. Within each of these types, it can be programmed different values of sensitivity for each channel, roll, elevator and rudder. From 0% to 100% in each mode, allow you to adjust the response sensitivity of the controller to your personal taste, and your level of experience.

Watch the video: Hubsan H301S Spy Hawk RTF FPV - Unboxing and build review (June 2022).


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