Innovasub's DivePhone Transcends Diving Computers

Innovasub's DivePhone Transcends Diving Computers

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The patented DivePhone is a cutting-edge alternative to the usual dive computers which wirelessly sends dive data to the diver's smartphone and features Innovasub's proprietary Depth Monitor application. This application utilizes received data to transform a smartphone into an innovative programmable computer to give the diving team new monitoring advantages never known before.

Smartphones, palm computers, and other mobile devices that run on Windows Mobile, Android (all versions to 6.5) and the iPhone Operating System are compatible with DivePhone technology. Depth Monitor for Apple devices is available on iTunes, for Windows Mobile it's available to download from the Innovasub website, and for an Android you need to download it from Samsung Apps.

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DivePhone supports Enriched Air Nitrox mixes from 21% to 99%, and dives down to a depth of to 80 meters, although a DivePhone Deeptech is being engineered to support dives down to a depth of 120 meters. The DivePhone is rechargeable by way of any USB connection, and a one-touch-button feature enables a diver to send a dive-log as an e-mail attachment.

Given the size of smartphone screens, there's enough of a display to subsume any need for using a touch screen while diving. And, there aren't any phone calls that can be received or transmitted while diving -- safety first!

[Image Source: InnovaSub]

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