Electric Bike from Rimac

Electric Bike from Rimac

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In one of our previous articles we brought to your attention Rimac Concept One an electric hyper car from Croatia with 1088 hp for $980 000. Now the same manufacturer, Rimac Automobili, reveals their new, far cheaper project called Greyp G-12 electric bike. You can have it for $8000. This is not exactly a bike, however, you can use the pedals or the electric motor, it is up to your decision... and to the charge of the batteries, of course.

[Image Source: Greyp]

The bike comes with specially developed electronics which include and security system too. The vehicle could have 1 owner and up to 50 users, who are recognized by fingerprint scan. And also, different mode could be activated by using different finger scan – for example, Street Mode could be activated by your forefinger, and the thumb could activate the Speed Mode. A good feature is that the owner could limit the experience of the other users, such as riding time and speed.

[Image Source: Greyp]

The electric motor cooperating with batteries is able to support top speed of 65 km/h (40,6 mph) and distance of 120 km (75 miles), which is enough to go to your job and back home, or for recreational drive “into the wild”. Batteries consist of Lithium-Nanophosphate cells with 3000 cycles of charging and discharging life. They're fully charged for 80 minutes, and charging is made also through the brakes while stopping.

[Image Source: Greyp]

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