Scribble Pen lets you scan and draw in 16 million colours

Scribble Pen lets you scan and draw in 16 million colours

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Anyone who has a passion for drawing and doodling will love a new piece of tech called Scribble pen. It can be difficult using pencil crayons or wax crayons to find just the exact shade that you want bu thanks to the Scribble pen, this will no longer be an issue as you can pick any colour you want, the exact colour. It allows you to draw with 16 million colours and shades.

[Image Source: Scribble]

It’s easy to use as all you have to do is pick a colour from something you see. For instance in the photo there is an orange, if you want to draw an orange or anything else in the same colour as the orange, you simply pick the colour from the orange. It works with anything you can see as it can detect colours.

[Image Source: Scribble]

Before you get too excited about the prospect you do have to bear in mind that at the moment the pen hasn’t gone into production. However it has been said that the pen can store as many as 100,000 different colours on internal memory and it can reproduce a total of around 16 million different colours and shades. The developers of the Scribble Pen are from California in the US and they said the pen is the ‘World’s first color picking pen’.

[Image Source: Scribble]

So how can the pen pick up more than 16 million different colours? The makers of the pen say that it has a colour sensor along with a microprocessor for analysing. A mixture is then made and this creates the ink that is needed for you to draw with it, which comes from small ink cartridges that can be refilled and which are stored in the body of the Scribble Pen.

[Image Source: Scribble]

There will also be a Scribble Stylus available which will be accompanied by an app so that people will be able to use the colours captured with the pen on a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

[Image Courtesy of Scribble]

The people behind the Scribble Pen, Robert Hoffman and Mark Barker said ‘With Scribble you can scan, match or compare colors, draw on paper or your mobile device. We know people are going to love it.’ They went on to say the pen would come in useful for people who are colour blind, along with designers, students, artists and teachers.

[Image Source: Scribble]

[Image Source: Scribble]

The pen is going to be featured as a Kickstarter project soon and the pair is hoping to get it onto the market for around $150, while the stylus will come in at about $80.

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