Small V8 engine made from Lego works on compressed air

Small V8 engine made from Lego works on compressed air

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It seems that if you have a good imagination you can make just about anything from Lego. We have seen some great ideas of what it is possible to make using the bricks and more recently we have come across a handmade small working V8 engine made entirely out of Lego bricks. This isn't just something to look at, it really is a V8 pneumatic engine that works.

[Image Source: Youtube]

Of course not everyone is going to be able to replicate a working V8 engine in Lego bricks as the person behind it must have a lot of mechanical knowledge, plus lots of spare time and dedication to put this together.

[Image Source: Youtube]

The sound of this tiny working engine is great and it makes you wonder what we will see next. Maybe the car to go with the engine?

[Image Source: Youtube]

Watch the video: How To Make LEGO Technic V8 Pneumatic Engine - LPE MOC - With Parts list (July 2022).


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