7 Gadgets for You to Enjoy at Home This Holiday Season

7 Gadgets for You to Enjoy at Home This Holiday Season

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The most wonderful time of the year is finally here; Mariah Carey is blasting through the speakers, Christmas cocktails are being made and your gift list is getting longer and longer. Between getting your home ready for the guests, planning, and buying gifts for your twenty-something cousins, it gets pretty hectic.

Christmas time is supposed to be a time of joy and happiness and it is easy to forget that.


Here are 7 gadgets for your home that will help you during your Christmas gatherings and keep things really fun. Also, they might take care of that grumpy Grinch in you, or if you are one of those jolly folks who transform into an elf once the Thanksgiving over, they might make you merrier than ever before.

1. Karaoke Machine

It is not a Christmas party unless someone is blasting their voices off while singing “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” completely off-key. Drinking eggnog until you have the courage to belt out the classics is truly a Christmas classic!

Claim your five minutes of fame with this karaoke machine, just make sure that you are not hogging the microphone.

2. Smart-Scale Cocktail Maker

Mixing the perfect cocktail requires a skilled hand and this smart-scale cocktail maker is that hand you need. You can choose one of 400+ recipes included in its special app and make a cocktail easily by placing a glass and pouring each ingredient while the virtual glass fills up on the app in real-time. This will make it possible to make that Christmas cocktail perfect every time and you will probably appreciate it most when you have to talk to family members you were trying to avoid.

3. Instax Instant Camera

Instant cameras have made a comeback. Since everything seems to be on digital mediums these days, more and more people are cherishing the older technologies. Documenting your Christmas party with instant photos will surely make a statement and the photos will be important items you can treasure in years to come.

4. Snow Machine

Who could have guessed that global warming would be the ultimate Grinch? Scientists, that’s for sure. Some lucky folks out there have an abundance of snow where they live; however, that is not the case for people who are in warmer climates.

For those out there who are dreaming of a white Christmas but never got to see it, this snow machine might be the solution for them.

5. Smart Speaker with Alexa

“Alexa, play Santa Bring My Baby Back by Elvis Presley.” Alexa might not be able to bring back your loved one back, but it can play any song you want with this smart speaker. It is a must-have for your Christmas party, just make sure that your guests are not making ridiculous song requests.

6. Mini Photo Printer

What is a memory without a photograph? A forgotten memory that is. It is not often that we manage to gather all of our friends and family into one place, and when it happens, everyone wants to immortalize the moment with all kinds of photos and videos.

However, the photos on your Smartphone are just ones and zeros, having tangible proofs of the time passed in your hands is completely another experience. And this portable wireless Polaroid Printer enables you to do just that. It is perfect for putting precious photos of the night before on your fridge after everyone has left.

7. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Every great party comes with a great mess. Cleaning is a sport on its own and you shouldn’t have to deal with that after partying all night. This vacuum cleaner will take care of the chips your cousin’s kids dropped on the carpet while you are having a merry time of your own by relaxing and eating the leftover turkey sandwiches.

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