McDonald's Burger Survives 20 Years and Still Looks Fresh off the Grill

McDonald's Burger Survives 20 Years and Still Looks Fresh off the Grill

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On July 7, 1999, David Whipple purchased what would become the world’s oldest hamburger; his aim was to use it as a demonstration of how enzymes and deterioration worked. Long-forgotten in a coat's pocket, it survived to this day and shockingly still looks like your typical McDonald's burger.

According to Whipple, the burger was forgotten in his coat's pocket and stayed there for a few years until his wife found it. Upon its first unveiling in 2013, the burger went viral and was put back in a tin to be stored until recently.

Shockingly, the receipt is in a worse condition than the actual food item. The burger looks fine except the disintegrated pickle and the bun looks relatively the same. You can get a fresh hamburger that looks the same from McDonald's on a bad day actually.

Whipple’s daughter Julie Jackson comments on the immortality of the burger by saying, “It looks like you could just heat this up in the microwave and just eat it. You’d probably die."

Apparently back in 2013, Whipple tried to sell the burger on eBay and it found a seller for a whopping $2,000. In the end, he decided on not selling it and opted to store it for future inspection. Seven years later, the burger is still looking good and it is reportedly odorless except the faint cardboard smell.

There have been numerous instances where McDonald’s burgers defied the laws of physics. The internet is home to new-looking burgers that can be considered antiques at this point and people even made a weirdly catchy song about the burger’s immortality named “Free the Burger”.

Mcdonald’s refuses the chemical allegations by saying that it is all about their cooking processes. Allegedly, they remove a lot of the moisture that would normally cause it to rot and this gives the burger its immortality.

In the end, people will believe what they want to believe. Whether you eat fast food or not is up to you; however, just don’t eat any burgers that have completed their life-cycle during Bill Clinton's presidency.

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