Don't Panic: Your Motorola Razr Might Have Bumps and That’s Normal

Don't Panic: Your Motorola Razr Might Have Bumps and That’s Normal

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Motorola released a set of YouTube videos on Sunday about its new Razr which will be launched in just two weeks. These promotional videos show the features of the new shaver, and also tell people not to panic if they ever see bumps on the screen of their phone.

Apparently, Motorola's Razr needs a delicate lover: users are warned to keep the screen dry, avoid screen protectors, beware of sharp objects and close the phone before putting it in their pocket.


As you use it more and more, some “lumps and bumps” might happen on Razr’s surface, however, this is a trade-off for the material's flexibility. Having learned from Samsung's Galaxy Fold situation, where lumps were a result of impending screen failure, Motorola warns people beforehand. However, unlike Samsung, Motorola’s bumps are quite normal, and won’t cause you any trouble.

At least, Motorola is taking the precaution of telling the public that yes, the screen is not perfect yet. The Razr panel is designed to bend, however, related design and engineering problems such as the "lumps" on the flexible screens haven’t been solved yet.

Motorola Razr is available for pre-sale for $1499 exclusively on Verizon. It will begin shipping on February 6th, however, with its high-price and fragile nature, it is not for sure if it'll be a crowd favorite.

Foldables with their plastic/glass screens will become more durable as time passes or they will be buried in history as a 90s favorite that just didn't stick. Foldable-enthusiasts will have to deal with these quirks if they want to feel like they are in the 90s for now.

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