Richard Branson Celebrates Arrival of Virgin Voyages’ First Ship: Scarlet Lady

Richard Branson Celebrates Arrival of Virgin Voyages’ First Ship: Scarlet Lady

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Virgin Group founder Richard Branson celebrated the arrival of Virgin Voyage's very first ship on Valentine's day: Scarlet Lady. The ship was nearly three years in the making and will be departing the shipyard in Genoa, Italy.


Carbon neutral

But what's more impressive is the fact that the ship is set to be carbon neutral as Virgin Voyages is offsetting its direct climate change emissions through the purchase of carbon offsets. In fact, all of Virgin Voyages's ships have been designed with the latest energy-efficiency standards in order to take immediate action to address climate change.

The ships meet internationally-recognized verification standards, including The Gold Standard and the Verified Carbon Standard. In addition, Virgin Voyages is one of the first cruise lines to use Climeon, a technology that utilizes heat generated from the ship's engines to generate electricity, saving on the emissions caused by fuel.

"It's wonderful to welcome Scarlet Lady today," said in a statement Virgin Group Founder Sir Richard Branson.

"I'm so proud that as we start this exciting journey, we also bring to life Virgin Voyages' commitment to preserving the ocean and the first of many steps towards a net zero carbon future."

Protecting the oceans

Virgin Group also emphasized its long-term ambition to build a net-zero carbon future and to protect the oceans.

"The ocean is our home, and we are on a mission to protect it. The single-biggest threat facing our ocean is climate change, and we want to be part of the solution," said Tom McAlpin, CEO and President of Virgin Voyages.

"We are committed to pioneering new technologies onboard and working with our industry peers to advance research and development for zero-carbon fuels."

To celebrate the arrival of his latest ship, Branson also wrote a special Valentine's day poem;

Scarlet is red

The ocean is blue

Here’s our new ship

Ready for you!

How sweet! We are glad to see this new ship is dedicated to be environmentally friendly and wish it safe voyages!

Watch the video: Sneak Preview: Virgin Voyages, Scarlet Lady by Sir Richard Branson (November 2022).