Delta Declares $1 Billion Dollar Investment to Become Carbon-Neutral by 2030

Delta Declares $1 Billion Dollar Investment to Become Carbon-Neutral by 2030

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The environmental impact of aviation is an undeniable reality, and seeing eye to eye with our personal carbon footprint means accepting that our flights are the biggest culprits. Thousands of white vehicles fly over our heads every second, however, fueling these flights is not an easy task for our Earth. Fossil fuels attribute to climate change and its consequences, such as sea-level rise, intense heat waves, hurricanes, flooding, and drought greatly.

Airlines have been combating against climate change for some time now, and it seems that Delta Air Lines is taking its place among them.

Starting on March 1, 2020, Delta Air Lines will be investing $1 billion over the next 10 years to become carbon neutral. If all goes to plan, Delta will become the first carbon-neutral airline.


The investment’s center point is offsetting the carbon produced by flights, however, the airline will also try to develop new travel technologies and reduce overall carbon emissions and waste.

Delta CEO, Ed Bastian, stated on a LinkedIn post that “Travelers shouldn’t have to choose between flying and being good environmental stewards. The broad, industry-leading work we’ve done over the past decade isn’t enough – we need to do more, faster. This is a race for our planet, not a race to be No. 1.”

Delta Air Lines’ environmentally-conscious stand seems to be consistent with the rest of their improvements. Last year, it replaced 80 of its current aircraft with new ones that are 25% more fuel-efficient.

Thankfully, more and more airlines are taking up measures to fight climate change. JetBlue, Qantas, British Airways, Air France, and easyJet are among them. More crowded skies are ahead of us, and the world is certainly a better place with fewer gassy-monsters upon us.

Are you not convinced about the carbon emission rates of your airplane trips? You can use this site to calculate the estimated emissions attributed to your air travels.

Watch the video: Top Countries by CO Emissions per Capita 1950 to 2018 (July 2022).


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