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Dyson Designs and Develops Ventilator in Just 10 Days for Coronavirus Patients

Dyson Designs and Develops Ventilator in Just 10 Days for Coronavirus Patients

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The Dyson ventilator: CoVentDyson

British technology company, Dyson, which is best known for its high-quality vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, and fans, has joined the coronavirus effort by developing and making a ventilator in a matter of 10 days.

The "CoVent" was designed specifically to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak, to help treat patients infected with the virus.


15,000 units

Dyson is still waiting on regulatory approval by the U.K. for its newly created device, however, it has already received an order for 10,000 of its planned 15,000 units by the U.K government for the National Health System. The company's CEO, James Dyson, said that of the 5,000 remaining units, 1,000 will be donated to the U.K., and the other 4,000 to international hospitals.

The CoVent is mounted onto hospital beds, is portable, and has the option to run on battery power.

James Dyson stated that "This new device can be manufactured quickly, efficiently and at volume," which is extremely good news as ventilators are in high-demand from hospitals globally. Dyson added that the machine was "designed to address the specific clinical needs of COVID-19 patients."

"The race is now on to get it into production," Dyson said to CNN.

Ventilators are crucial in providing breathing assistance to critical patients who are unable to breathe unassisted or properly due to the coronavirus infection, which targets the lungs.

Dyson isn't the only company working hard at developing and manufacturing ventilators for COVID-19 patients — carmaker companies such as Ford, General Motors, and Tesla are also working towards developing this critical piece of medical equipment as shortages keep arising around the world.

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