Boeing Working on Two New Software Updates on 737 Max to Address New Flaws

Boeing Working on Two New Software Updates on 737 Max to Address New Flaws

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The Boeing 737 Max airplane can't seem to catch a break. On Tuesday evening, the company shared the news that it would be updating two new software on the 737 Max's flight control computer.

Boeing is still working hard at resuming flights for its 737 Max aircraft by receiving regulatory approval after these were grounded in March 2019 following two fatal crashes.

Reuters was the first to receive the information from Boeing and to publish the news.


The two new issues aren't linked to what caused the plane crashes in 2019

The issues revolve around the flight control computer, as per Boeing's email to Bloomberg. Ever since the two fatal crashes of its 737 Max's that happened just five months apart last year, the aircraft have been grounded and the Boeing team has been redesigning the plane's software.

As these updates are underway, Boeing engineers have also uncovered two new issues they now have to face before being able to see the plane take to the skies once more.

One of the issues involves "hypothetical faults" in the flight control computer microprocessor, which could lead to a loss of control better known as a runway stabilizer.

The second issue could potentially cause the autopilot to disengage as the airplane prepares to land.

Boeing Co said late on Tuesday it will make two new software updates to the grounded 737 MAX's flight control computer as it works to win regulatory approval to resume flights.

— FOX News Radio (@foxnewsradio) April 8, 2020

Neither of these faults is linked to what caused the crashes in 2019, assures Boeing. And neither of them has been observed in flight, however, updating the software eliminates the chances of that happening ahead of time. These modifications could be incorporated at the same time.

The Federal Aviation Administration is in close contact with Boeing as the company "continues its work on the automated flight control system on the 737 MAX. The manufacturer must demonstrate compliance with all certification standards."

So far, Boeing doesn't foresee these issues pushing back the predicted mid-2020 re-launch date for the 737 Max's; however, the company has not confirmed the date by when these updates will be completed.

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