Try Your Hand at this "Impossible" 1,000-Piece All-White Puzzle for $20 on Amazon

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Are you getting a little bored while stuck at home these days? March and April have come and gone, and now you're probably thinking what accomplishments you could try and achieve over May. Tinyouth has you covered.

The board games and jigsaw puzzle company, Tinyouth, has a jigsaw puzzle that has 1,000 pieces, is all-white, and only costs $19.99 on Amazon. This is either the beginning of a marvelous dream of hours upon end of enthralling entertainment or your worst nightmare.


1,000 pieces of joy or dread

Your heart may be beating quickly right now, either at the exciting thought of bending your brain sideways at the challenge of putting 1,000 pieces of a purely white puzzle together or at the fact that your friend or partner may buy it for you and force you to join them in horrific hours upon end of staring at pieces that look exactly the same.

Regardless, it would certainly help pass the time!

This puzzling challenge — horrible pun intended — will take up 42 cm by 29.7 cm of your living room floor space (16.54 by 11.69 inches), and you get a choice of puzzle piece sizes to select. The mini size pieces are 1 cm, and the regular ones are 2 cm.

Now, Tinyouth isn't all that cruel, and if you're finding the challenge just a little too tricky they've incorporated a little life-saving hack to help you assemble it. The backside of the pieces have little markings that help differentiate different sections of the puzzle, so your pain is a little eased.

Because the puzzle is considered a high difficulty level, it's available for people 14 years old and above.

What's pretty neat about it is that if you felt so inclined you could turn this into a bespoke puzzle by drawing something specific on it, and then gifting it to someone. Alternatively, you could play an evil trick on the person you're buying this for and keep it all white. Completely up to how nice you are, but it'll only cost you $19.99 on Amazon.

If you want to switch things up from "White Heaven" to something else, there's the same puzzle in all-black, aptly named "Black Hell." Nothing like a little bit of yin and yang to pass the time at home.

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