Dyson’s Canceled EV Apparently Surpassed Tesla Model X in Range

Dyson’s Canceled EV Apparently Surpassed Tesla Model X in Range

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Dyson's electric carDyson

Dyson is typically known for its incredible vacuum cleaners and other household electrics.

More recently, the U.K.-based company had been looking into an electric vehicle as well, with little information shared about the idea.

Now, Sir James Dyson, the company's CEO and founder shows us what the seven-seater vehicle would have looked like, and what it would have been capable of.


Dyson's electric car

Dyson ended up scrapping its electric car concept back in October last year and in doing so left a big fat question mark around any information pertaining to the project. Over this weekend, however, the company chose to show off its concept through an interview led by the Sunday Times Rich List with Sir Dyson.

Sir Dyson's car's codename is "N526", it would have sported seven seats and an impressive 600-mile range per charge. That's nearly double the range of the Tesla Model X's seven-seater. This is mostly thanks to Dyson's solid-state batteries, which could "even on a freezing February night, on the naughty side of 70MPH on the motorway, with the heater on and the radio at full blast", as per Sir Dyson.

A few specs

N526 would have weighed in at 2.6 tons, could have gone from zero to 62 mph in 4.8 seconds with a top speed of 125 mph. The aluminum vehicle would have been powered by twin 200 kW electric motors rated with 536 BHP and 480 lb/ft of torque. Sir Dyson himself drove the prototype around a hidden "screened-off compound."

It looks like quite a sporty SUV that would have been five meters long, two meters wide, and 1.7 meters tall. Its windscreen "rakes back more steeply than on a Ferrari," and its wheels "are bigger than on any production car on the market," as per Dyson.

The car's interior offers segmented cushions on the seats and neatly rounded headrests, supposedly for better lumbar support. The dashboard would have been a head-up display that would "float(s) in front of your face like a hologram." Quite the ambitious project.

According to the Times' interview with Sir Dyson, the man himself spent 500 million pounds (over $600 million) of his personal budget on the project before putting an end to it.

Even though this particular project came to an end, the company's 500-strong team keeps working on various projects, such as this patent for air-purifying earphones.

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