Guy Builds a Modern Castle out of Shipping Containers

Guy Builds a Modern Castle out of Shipping Containers

Everyone has a dream house of their own, whether it be a small and cozy bungalow or a three-story mansion in the French countryside, all mancaves differ greatly.

Andrew Camarata built his dream house by stacking shipping containers on top of one another for months, and now he has put the final touches by painting the new metalwork on the container castle.

Camarata's channel is filled with videos where you can get insight into how he built his container castle from doing its roof to getting the castle blocks right. His modern twist on a famous medieval-time building is just a feast for the eyes.


Computer Science graduate went handyman

Andrew Camarata, who is an American handyman and business owner, specializes in property maintenance and excavation since 2009.

He apparently started working with his father who is an expert mechanic and craftsman. He would fix all types of engines and machines, which was the reason why he developed a passion for machinery and excavation.

While the studied Computer Science, he decided to pursue his love for excavation and outdoor work anyway. Since then, he has made various projects and one is making a castle out of shipping containers.

Making a castle out of shipping containers

In the latest video of his current project, he makes the finishing touches of his shipping container castle. With all that large steel plate welding experience he got from this project, we wouldn't be surprised if he said his next task was to build his own battleship.

Shipping container structures to win

In another video, he talks about how you can start building your shipping container project. According to him, building a structure out of shipping containers is a fast, easy, and cheap way to put up a strong, fire, and wind-resistant building. Moreover, arguably the best thing about them is that you can easily make additions in the future with more containers.

Going step by step

According to Camarata, the first step is figuring out what you want your building to look like. While building his castle, he made model shipping containers and played with them like LEGO until he had a design that worked well for him.

Apparently, this was the model he built to show the engineer what he wanted to build out of shipping containers.

Afterwards, in order to make a detailed model, he used Google Sketchup. Once he had his plans laid out, he chose what the wanted to do with them. He says, "I wanted my building to be fire and windproof so I used precast concrete panels for my second floor and for my roof."

You can watch him build the main body from here in detail.

He says, "I feel that container buildings are superior to traditional construction because they are faster, cheaper, and easier to build."

Now, the house is, almost, complete. He has finished the roof and the painting, and after making some quick additions, the only thing that he needs to do is make a house tour!

Before we wrap up, we wanted to give a quick shout out to his lovely dogs Levis and Daisy, who made the watching experience much more entertaining!

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