Cybertruck Turned SpaceX-NASA Moonrover Looks Out of This World

Cybertruck Turned SpaceX-NASA Moonrover Looks Out of This World

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Ever since its unveiling, Cybertruck's unconventional looks have been a conversation starter for many, some claiming it looks weird while some call it a cyberpunk-dream. However, this is the news that ties it all up together: Imagine Cybertruck going rampage on the craters of Moon, it wouldn't look so outlandish, would it?

A designer who apparently had the same thought has rendered the Tesla Cybertruck as a lunar rover vehicle and it looks so amazing that it makes you question when or if it could be a reality.

Could a SpaceX lunar vehicle be on the horizon? SpaceX is reportedly buying powertrains from Tesla for its spacecraft, and the possibility of a rover from the duo is enough to get all Tesla and space fans excited.


Shipping the Cybertruck Moonrover

"Next, let’s ship a Cybertruck Moonrover in the space," wrote designer Charlie Automotive on Instagram. His amazing visuals are so good that we reckon SpaceX couldn't have done them better.

After deciding the world needs to see a Cybertruck Moonrover, he went up and produced renders of a pretty magnificent Cybertruck SpaceX-NASA lunar rover with three axles for a total of six wheels. It is something else...

There is a walkaround too

There is even a walkaround of his Tesla Cybertruck Moonrover.

Could it become a reality?

With millions watching, SpaceX made history last week as it launched the Falcon 9 to the ISS with astronauts on board, marking a major step in commercial space travel.

Everyone's eyes are set on the next possible flight, and when SpaceX finally makes it to the Moon, maybe Tesla Cybertruck or a more suitable substitute will be accompanying the astronauts.

The great part is that Musk has talked about Tesla and SpaceX working together on a vehicle known as the "Cyborg Dragon Tesla" in the past. Only time will show the vehicle that will make it to the Moon, and it looks like many exciting unveilings are in the making.

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