19+ Best Gifts for Car Enthusiasts and Those Who Love to Drive

19+ Best Gifts for Car Enthusiasts and Those Who Love to Drive

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From custom-built wheels to car chargers, the thing that car enthusiasts care about most is the interior and equipment of their vehicle. This fact can make buying a gift for them a little bit intimidating.

If you're not going to give them an Audi, it is not easy to find the right gift for a car lover, especially if you are not that into cars. Let's face it, your car lover friend most likely has all the necessary products and closely follows the latest trends. You might have a car care kit or a flashlight in your mind, but we have some great suggestions you might want to consider before making a decision.


Here are 20 fun and practical gifts for car lovers that will definitely tickle their fancy and become a favorite.

1. DEKOPRO 168 Piece Socket Wrench Car Tool Kit

The best gift that can be given to someone who cares about their car is a toolbox that they can carry with at all times.

Every driver should be prepared for emergencies and have one high-quality car tool kit in their car. All the products you need for all basic or challenging repairs are included in this kit. It offers easy storage and portability for long road trips.

2. DBPOWER 800A Peak 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

The worst thing to ruin a driver's day is a discharged car battery. If you have a jump starter in your trunk, you can get things done. DBPOWER can be used up to 20 times in a single charge.

3. TEROMAS Tire Inflator Air Compressor

A product every driver should have to keep their car tires inflated at all times! This air compressor you can use with a 12-volt plug is a great option to take it anywhere. You can keep it in your trunk since it's lightweight and portable. It inflates a P195/65R15 car tire from 0 to 35psi under four minutes.

4. Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

If you have a messy driver friend, someone should buy this for him/her.

A compact car vacuum cleaner is a must for a car lover who cares about keeping the interior of their car incredibly clean. This vacuum cleaner removes all dust and dirt from cigarette ashes to pet hairs with the ultimate suction power.

5. Griot's Garage 11019 3-in-1 Leather Cleaner

It is a bit difficult to protect the leather seats of your vehicle and keep it looking fresh. However, you can actually time travel in your car with this tool.

This 3-in-1 cleaner penetrates deep into the leather, removing even the most embedded dirt and protects your seats from UV-lights that damage them over time.

6. APEMAN Dash Cam

An ideal gift for those looking for safety! This dashcam keeps records that will save you from giving tons of money to insurance repair in case of a possible accident. It has a 170° super wide-angle lens to capture all details even in low-light environments.

7. Mpow Bluetooth Receiver 5.0

While driving, you can focus on the road and receive calls at the same time with a Bluetooth receiver. You can get GPS navigation, command Siri and do it all hands-free. It provides 10 hours of music streaming and eight hours phone call. Immersive 3D surround sound will make you feel like you are at a concert even in your car.

8. Innova 5023 Pro CarScan Code Reader

A great pocket-size code reader for drivers who want to understand the urgency of the codes in more detail. It helps you decide on repairs and understand if there is a problem you can fix it yourself.

9. Philips 27W USB-C Car Charger

A perfect gift for the drivers in your life who you can't reach since they're always running out of charge on the road.

With Philips USB-C car charger, you can charge up to three devices simultaneously using your car's 12V outlet. It's compatible with MacBook, iPhone, and Android. It can charge an iPhone to 50% in 30 minutes.

10. LEGO Creator Expert Ford Mustang

This American classic is the best gift for a car enthusiast.

If your car lover friends don't have a Mustang to put in their garage, give them a gift from LEGO that takes them one step closer to their dreams. It's a unique gift that enables you to build and customize your '60s Ford Mustang as you like.

11. Bburago 1:18 Scale Ferrari Race and Play

This is an iconic gift that'll make a Ferrari lover glad to have it on their bookshelf. It almost feels like the real one with its opening doors and detailed interior design. With its dazzling Ferrari red, it's a great gift for them to add to their collection.

12. Tool Daily Foam Cannon

Perfect for those who like to wash their car themselves! Just adjust the desired foam level and start washing your car. This foam cannon mixes the cleaning fluid with water and generates foam quickly.

13. Uber Appliance UB-CH1 Uber Chill Mini Fridge

This mini fridge will keep their drinks cool and ready to serve on the road. It also can be used to keep your foods warm. Uber Appliance Mini Fridge fits up to six cans or four standard water bottles.

14. Tile Mate

If your friends are struggling to find their keys, Tile Mate can take care of that. It can be easily attached to the keys and track the keys via the Tile app. Your friend will be able to make the Tile ring when they can't find them.

15. PUMA Mercedes Drift Cat 8 Sneaker

A pair of sneakers that will complete the outfit of Mercedes fanatics... With the Mercedes logo behind it, it will be definitely their best companion while driving. This high-tech shoe with a sleek design is available in black and white.

16. Porsche 911: 50 Years

There's nothing more interesting than iconic Porsche's history for a car enthusiast. Porsche 911 provides Porsche lovers with everything they want to learn about the models. You will also learn the people behind the amazing cars and company.

17. Ray-Ban Scuderia Ferrari Collection Sunglasses

There's no mistake in this collaboration since we trust Ray-Ban's innovative design and Ferrari tradition. Your friend will feel like an F1 pilot with these sunglasses while driving.

18. MRCUFF Speedometer & Fuel Guage MPH Race Car Auto Racing Pair Cufflinks

If your car lover friend loves to go fast, these cufflinks will complete their style. It's a perfect gift for a cool driver who likes to look unique in any occasion. Especially if they have a sports car, you shouldn't think too much and get a pair of speedometer cufflinks for them.

19. CHOETECH Wireless Car Charger

This wireless car charger is a game changer. Not only it comes with a BPA free natural oil stick that smells good, it is also equipped with advanced circuitry which protects your phone against over charging.

20. Car Trash Can and Garbage Bag Set

If your car lover friend has kids, it's unavoidable for them to not have sticky floors and messy seats. While it is an unconventional gift, this garbage bag set will be definitely great for them to put the snack packages and empty bottles so that they can throw out later.