Rolls Royce, Formerly Owned by Johnny Cash, Gets Revamped With Tesla Parts

Rolls Royce, Formerly Owned by Johnny Cash, Gets Revamped With Tesla Parts

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More and more projects of people who convert internal combustion engine (ICE) cars pop off around us each day. It's definitely a trend, one that we don't expect to die out anytime soon.

Well, some people deem classical car conversions "not authentic", claiming that it invalidates the point of owning something classical, especially in the auditory aspect. Well, you can ask those sporting their converted EVs if they're enjoying their newfound superior torque.

One day, someone showed up at Shift EV workshop with a 1970 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow previously owned by Johnny Cash, reports Jesus Garcia from The Drive. But this was no ordinary conversion work.


They didn't just take out the ICE, throw in an electric engine along with a battery pack, and throw in the towel. Folks at Shift EV also meddled with the ABS, AC, electric power steering, and traction control.

Well actually, they threw in anything you'd find in a Tesla Model S, so it's practically a Model S with a 50-year-old hand-built Rolls Royce bodywork at this point.

Of course, while doing all these, the mechanics also paid extra attention to keep the car's authenticity as much as possible.

But why?

"That's nice" you might say, but "why bother with all this in the first place?" you might wonder. The reasoning behind this is actually quite simple, as a 50-year-old car with 130,000 miles on the clock the Rolls Royce simply needed a full mechanical restoration. Going electric seemed like a viable solution to the owner. In its time, Rolls Royce was praised for its smooth riding feel, so going quieter and smoother can't hurt, right?

The donor car that gave life to our bad boy was a Model S with a 75 kWh battery pack. The owner bought it just to take out its parts.

Want to learn more? Catch the video below.

Watch the video: How are Teslas sold without any advertisement? (July 2022).


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