Hyundai Australia Gives Its Advertising Budget to Small Businesses

Hyundai Australia Gives Its Advertising Budget to Small Businesses

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Due to COVID-19 impacts on the economy, small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have been suffering in Australia. Now, one large company has decided to do something to help.


Hyundai Motor Company Australia has announced that it will be dedicating its advertising budget to three small companies, according to Business Insider Australia.

“COVID-19 is having major effects on all businesses, particularly the small business owner-operator, we want to play our part in keeping the local business open and the wheels turning,” marketing director of Hyundai Motor Company Australia Kevin Goult told Business Insider Australia.

“Supporting them in this way to help maintain their business operations is a positive gesture from Hyundai. We would like to see these small businesses get ‘back to normal – but better’ when we see the end of the pandemic we’re currently experiencing.”

Details for how to participate can be found here. Those who wish to participate will need to qualify as a small business, have a valid ABN, and explain how the program can help them.

Out of all participating entries, three winners will be chosen. Winners will get the opportunity to record a video piece showcasing their business. The winning videos will then be posted on Business Insider Australia or one of their sister sites — Lifehacker Australia or POPSUGAR Australia.

Winners will also be privy to a piece of editorial posted on the most relevant site. In total, these prizes amount to an advertising value of $52,000. If this sounds of interest to you, and why wouldn't it, you need to apply by September 4, 2020.

It's refreshing to see such a big company caring about the little guy. We believe this opportunity could really help open doors for some smaller businesses and are excited to see who the winning entries will be. We know we will be following this competition closely. Will you?

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