UV-C Wand Removes 99.9% of Unseen Impurities within 3 Minutes

UV-C Wand Removes 99.9% of Unseen Impurities within 3 Minutes

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Disinfecting the areas all around you has always been important but with the advent of COVID-19, it has become an absolute necessity. But it's not always easy to disinfect everything.

Sure, tables can be sprayed and cleaned but what about sofas and carpets? What about your computer's keyboard and mouse? These can not be sprayed as they may be damaged.

What if we told you we had a solution for all these hard-to-clean items? It's a wand. No, not a magic wand, although it functions so well it might as well be one.

The X5 Sterilizing Wand by 59S uses 20 UV LEDs to kill 99.9% of unseen impurities on almost any surface within three minutes. Indeed, UV-C has been used for decades for getting rid of germs and bacteria by effectively destroying their DNA and RNA and now it comes in the shape of a convenient easy-to-use wand.

Better yet, the sterilizing wand is battery-powered and can last up to 10,000 hours on a single charge. This also means that it can be taken with you anywhere you go and used at any time.

It also features built-in smart sensors that shut it down automatically when it is overturned during the disinfection process. And, last but not least, it comes with safety goggles and a child lock for extra safety measures.

Get this odor-free, non-toxic, non-damaging method of disinfection now for $99.99 -- over 28off its usual price.

Prices are subject to change.

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