The World’s Longest Glass-Bottom Bridge Is Built in China

The World’s Longest Glass-Bottom Bridge Is Built in China

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It looks like China is not holding itself back from constructing the world's longest bridges and adding new records onto the list. It has been hosting the longest bridge ever built since 2011. However, they kept their eyes on another record, and have built the longest glass-bottom bridge over the Lianjiang River.

The stunning floating structure has been opened recently on July 18, 2020

The glass bridge took its place in the Guinness World Records with a 1,726 feet (526 meters) length, as the world's longest. Architectural Design & Research Institute of Zhejiang University was the project owner that currently placed the structure in Huangchuan Three Gorges Scenic Area. The magnificent giant also rises 669 feet (204 meters) above the river with a full glass coverage lined with steel.


Thanks to its outstanding red towers, the glass-bridge not only looks attractive but also presents a straight pose among green and blue. If you'd like to get lost in this combination, the bungee jumping activities are available as the area staff indicated. You may even come across a cat-walk show which will most likely add up to its artistic beauty.

For those who don't have acrophobia, the structure offers observation decks in the middle part of it. And guess what? The glass below is also transparent so that you can see the river from almost every angle.

Don't be fooled by its gracious look! It can hold 500 people at once and prove that the appearance isn't everything.

A local car manufacturer called GAC tested the record-setting one with their huge SUVs. And they were about 4 tonnes in total.

It seems like China's ambition of building glass bridges will continue for some time. And clearly, the recent one is not the type to risk your life like one of these did in China way before.

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