Tesla Model Y Owners Are Discovering Fake Wood in Their Cooling Systems

Tesla Model Y Owners Are Discovering Fake Wood in Their Cooling Systems

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Tesla has been doing rather well lately and has become the world's most valuable car company this year. It seems there may have been some interesting approaches that facilitated its achievements.

Recent threads on Tesla Motors Club and then Reddit have highlighted the fact that some Tesla Model Y owners have noticed their cooling systems patched up with bits of what looks like wood, similar to those you can find in Home Depot.

The Drive was the first to report on the matter and pointed out that not all Tesla Model Y vehicles have these faux-wood trims.


"Someone made a run to Home Depot to make Q2 numbers," was the original poster's words on Tesla Motors Club's website. And they may not be entirely wrong.

The forum post on the site showed an image of the cooling system without its frunk plastics. Apparently, it took the poster around 10 hoursto disassemble their Model Y as they had come across poor panel fitting. When everything was disassembled, they noticed bright green tape sticking down a big piece of metal.

It seemingly didn't take very long for a number of other Tesla Model Y owners to pipe up and post images of their own in the same spot.

What is the explanation?

The silver box is the car's Liquid Cooled Condenser (LCC), which is meant to pass refrigerant through a block where it then transfers the thermal properties of the cryogen to other sections of the cooling system, per The Drive.

The wood appears to be removing strain from the strap holding down the metal piece on the LCC. There have been previous videos that show the same system being held down by plastic parts in the past, so this may be Tesla's new wooden version of that.

However, it may still be surprising to find pieces of wood strapped down to your Tesla Model Y, since it is something not really expected.

There have been a number of speculations being put forward on the forum, and you can check these out from the Reddit thread:

There were some reasonable answers to the matter.

And while some said it is legitimate, they weren't that surprised.

Some even stated that it's an adequate substitute. What is your take on the issue?

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