Akira-Like Electric Superbike Concept Provides Glimpse Into the Future

Akira-Like Electric Superbike Concept Provides Glimpse Into the Future

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In the same way that Tesla tapped into popular culture with its incredibly successful Cybertruck unveiling, concept vehicles are usually designed to ignite the imagination and give people a glimpse into a future that's influenced by real and fictional futuristic designs that came before it.

With designer Roman Dolzhenko's Mimic Superbike Concept, we see plenty of Tron and Akira in what is a strikingly well-developed futuristic concept for an electric superbike with a minimalist design.


Rendered using 3DS Max, Roman Dolzhenko created a superbike design that looks impressively photorealistic, sporting what looks like a lightweight fiber body with sleek streamlined curves.

Fans of the original Tron, Tron: Legacy, and anime classic Akira will no doubt see a healthy dose of inspiration coming from those films in this design.

Dolzhenko's attention to detail is showcased in his rendering of the individual LED lights on the electric superbike concept's headlights, as well as in tiny indentations on the body just above the wheels.

The electric Mimic Superbike concept is imagined in stunning, minimalistic white and chromium black designs.

There's also a flashier red multi-coat model for those wishing to truly accentuate that Akira influence.

A fully digital dashboard, made up of a single triangular-shaped display, shows basic data such as speed and battery charge status.

Though turning might seem a little restricted in this design, the entire front of the Mimic bike turns, Dolzhenki explained in an interview with InceptiveMind. We'd love to see how a real model would look in action.

Though the Mimic concept's front-wheel turning mechanism might not look too practical as part of a real-life electric superbike in the present, the minimalistic aesthetics are so impressive they may well be adapted for an electric superbike of the not-too-distant future.

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